Year 18 of DOL had the unfortunate circumstance of taking place during 2020. If they ever re-made Back to the Future, they would have to add a scene where Doc tells Marty, "Whatever you do, don't go back to 2020." With a Coronavirus world-wide pandemic leaving the football season and DOL offices abandoned during much of the off-season, commissioner Hathaway- now in his 14th season as leader was unable to do almost any prep work and could not pickup duties until Week 5 of the regular season. In fact, there were multiple meetings with owners, where Hathaway flirted not having a 2020 season.

 Long Time league member and one-time commissioner, Taf Bentley took the reigns and led the teams through the 2020 draft, which saw Weston Lunsford take RB Christian McCaffrey in what would be Lunsford's 4th time picking in the top spot in the last five years. After finishing in the runner-up spot three of those four previous years, Lunsford hoped that it would be McCaffrey who would finally put him over the hump and bring him that elusive second championship... unfortunately....he did not. An early season injury forced Lunsford's personel department to work overtime in free agency and despite some fantastic moves found themselves eliminated in their 7th Final Four appearance. They would not see a fifth DOL Bowl Appearance, and after three of those being matchups with nemesis, Jacob Jordan hoped to find solice in the fact that Jacob and company were not the ones to eliminate him. He did however find a way to cost Lunsford the 2020 Championship.

After earning the "Dynasty" designation for his previous four year performance, Jacob Jordan and company had it abruptly come to an end, finishing in dead last with a 5-7 regular season record. He did however find a way to effect the playoffs, despite not playing a down in them. With a very tight playoff race unfolding heading into the last week of the regular season, Jordan's squad pulled a huge upset and beat #1 Hullett. This loss would give Troy the top seed heading into the playoff and effect the matchups for the Final Four. Due to the scores in The Final Four, and the Championship game, had that Hullett loss not happened, causing the seeding change it would be Lunsford holding up the Kapowski trophy, not Troy. However, it did happen and Lunsford was toppled in the SemiFinals by top seed, Troy Jordan and his Jim Water's Worst Team Name award winning named 'Troy's Fantasy Football' Team.

Taking virtually the same route in 2020, long time member Hank Hullett found himself part of a very familiar story. Four times in his illustrious career has Hullett found himself in the Final Four, two of which ended with wins and appearances in the Championship game in addition to a double digit 10 win season in 2009. All five of those times Hullett was ranked #1 for the majority of the regular season, raking up wins and regular season awards including a Blouses Division Championship. But every time it ends the same way....with a loss, short of that elusive first DOL Championship. Behind DOL MVP Patrick Mahomes, Hullett was able to rack up an impressive 9 win regular season and one game away from a top seed in the playoffs award, but ran into a buzzsaw in the semifinals by the way of a 60 point beat down at the hands of Commissioner Hathaway, ending his 2020 campaign prematurely.

Speaking of Hathaway, 2020 was a bit of a resurgence for the old war horse. After a four year hiatus from the Final Four (and any playoff wins at all), Hathaway put together an impressive two year run. Both 2019 and 2020, spending time at #1 during the regular season and reaching the Final Four while reeling off 16 regular season wins over the past two seasons to take the all time lead in regular season wins over as of the start of the 2021 campaign. But this season saw him get back to the promised land, reaching the DOL Bowl for the fourth time in his career where he would face Troy Jordan for the first time in Finals history. He would also earn wins for Best Team Picture and Best Team Name.

2020 wasnt so glorious for everyone however as two time champion Stephen Whitson set an all time record for being the first team to go winless during the regular season. Whitson would finally get that elusive first taste of victory in the first round of the ACC Championship Tournament (losers bracket), but finally ended things up at a final ranking of 10 or below for the third straight season.

Although not nearly as bad, the regular season played out almost the same for the Lowe's, Jernigan, Rannals, West and Creel. All of whom had mostly up and downs for the regular season, flirting with a .500 record for the year and even if it meant barely making the playoffs (Creel) or barely missing the playoffs (Jernigan) thanks to a Week 12 win or loss- all of whom wouldnt make much noise in either of the post-season tournaments as they look to make staff adjustments heading into 2021.

Taf Bentley would be the only one to fight back from terrible defensive play during the regular season, ending with the second most points scored on the year but enough losses to have him ranked 10th out of 12 teams heading to the post season loser's bracket ACC Tournament. Bentley would finally have lady luck reward his offensive performance with three straight wins and his first ever ACC Championship banner with a win over Preston West in the ACC Finals. But nothing compared to the "Wear a Mask" campaign put out by Playgirl Magazine in which Bentley was fined heavily.... See more at DOL After Dark located in the Store section of this website.

Which brings us to 17 year member, Troy Jordan. After winning the 2008 DOL Bowl Championship, Jordan would spend the past 12 years almost stuck in a Final Four revolving door. In 2020 his squad saw themselvs back in the Final Four for a DOL Record 10th time out of those 17 seasons, but with only a 2-8 record and just 1 Kapowski trophy. Frustrated by those losses with teams that had no business losing games, Jordan admitted he flirted with retiring after the 2018 loss in the Championship Game to Jacob. But thanks to avoiding the 170 point buzzsaw from Hathaway in the semifinals due to Jacob's seeding re-arranging win in Week 12, Jordan would put up just enough to slide by Lunsford and head to just their third DOL Bowl.

Then the week before DOL Bowl XVIII, disaster struck.   

The name of this league is DOL, which stands for the 'Disciples of Larson'. Named after long time Milton High School coach Jeff Larson, stories of his legendary gallantry and tales of encounters league wide ran rampant for the 18 years of this league. After gaining national exposure on ESPN for league exploits, Larson learned of the league's namesake and gave his blessing, meeting with Commissioner Hathaway to express his happiness for naming the league after him. He would, unfortunately, become another vicim of the Coronavirus, Covid-19 Pandemic and we lost him at 60 years old.

Jordan would go on to hand Hathaway his first DOL Bowl loss and finally hold up the Kapowski trophy for the second time in league history. He would dedicate his win to Coach Larson.

After the confetti had fallen and the Championship was over...Owner,, Stephen Whitson would speak up during the final league meeting of the season and say "With Larson's passing, this now means... the league can never die."

Funny, In a year where DOL almost ended before it began it's 18th season... it wrapped up 2020 as strong as ever and with a pledge to never stop playing in the Disciples ....of Larson.

In loving memory of Jeff Larson, 1960-2020 and to everyone else who we lost in 2020.


2020 (ESPN)
League Name: D.O.L.
-1. Troy's Fantasy Football Team: Troy Jordan (9-3)
-2. Macho Man Randy Travis: Bryan Hathaway (8-4)
-3. Butcher of Bakersfield: Hank Hullett (9-3)
-4. Dont Go-edert There: Weston Lunsford (8-4)
-5. Tree Murderers Roll Tide: Bob and Zane Lowe (7-5)
6. Cam- Patriot Games: Jonathan Creel (6-6)
7. Club 51: Taf Bentley (4-8)
8. Big Benny and No Jets: Preston West (6-6)
-9. YoungHoe's Golden Toe: Ashton Jernigan (6-6)
-10. Fresh Prince of Helaire: Stephen Whitson (0-12)
-11. I Love Chark Week: Shaun Rannals (4-8)
-12. Courtesy Flush: Jacob Jordan (5-7)

(Regular Season Only)
Most Points Scored: 190.3- YoungHoe's Golden Tee (Week 1 Regular Season)
Least Points Scored: 43- Don't Go-edert There (Week 4 Regular Season)
Most Total Points Scored: 1749.96- Troy's Fantasy Football Team
Least Total Points Scored: 1262.18- Fresh Prince of Helaire