6205 Days. That's 17 years. A mark DOL would hit during the 2019 season. During that time, DOL has seen members come and go, but the core group never waiver. Theyve had kids and grandkids, but through it all, DOL has remained constant, strong and as of 2019, still the best league any of us have ever seen.

Other than the realization the league was getting old as a whole, along with the majority of its members, the offseason before the 17th season of DOL was a rather quiet one. League founding father, Jacob Jordan, fresh off his 2nd championship in 3 years gave the only spice to the offseason with the championship parade that tore through his hometown.

Hathaway, now in his 13th season as leader of this band of misfit toys, made very little changes. One change forced upon him, however, was the addition of a new member. After a one year experiment which saw the Lowe duo split up, upon request, they wanted the status quo back, leaving the empty spot vacated by Will Spencer in 2017 open once again.

Enter minor league all-star, Shaun Rannals. Fresh off of what some would call meaningless fantasy football championships in other minor leagues, Rannals (at a spry 29 years old) would add some youth and freshness to the league during his first year as CEO of "Shaunbo Inc."

...Although that would be about it as Rannals lost the "Rookie Rabbit Foot" so many have found in their first outing in DOL and finished the season with a league worst 3 regular season wins on the season.

Troy Jordan would get things started off with the number one pick out of New York for the 17th season of DOL. This would be the second time in league history T-Roy inc would have the top pick, but none would prove to be as meaningful as this one. As early reports had Jordan going with Christian McCaffrey, Running Back out of South Carolina- Jordan would go against his piece of paper in his pocket that read "McCaffrey No Matter What" (Draft Day Movie Reference) and drafted Saquan Barkley out of the Big Apple. One doesnt like to play "Monday Morning Quarterback", but upon further review, this one move would be costly to Jordan in '19. An early season Barkley injury would throw his season into a tailspin that would never recover as Jordan missed the playoffs for just the second time in 7 years. Jordan was able to recover enough to win his first ACC Championship and earn his 100th career win, but the sting of drafting Barkley first would haunt Jordan as number crunching would show the addition of McCaffrey (DOL Bowl XVII MVP) and the subtraction of Barkley from his roster in 2019 would have given the organization their first championship since 2008.

His 15th season in the league was good to TB inc owner, Taf Bentley. After following up his first 9 years in the league with a top five finish and the last three not even making the playoffs, Bentley made some organizational changes and they seemed to pay off. He drafted Lamar Jackson, who would go on to win the 2019 MVP award and lead Bentley and company to not only his 106th career win this season to overtake the top spot from former member Will Spencer- but also his third Blouses Division Championship. Bentley would fall in the first round of the playoffs, cutting his redemption season short.

Hathaway and Hath inc also bounced back in 2019. After four straight seasons of 6 wins or less, They were able to get back to the final four for the first time since 2014, earn his 100th career win as well as Best Team Picture, Best Team Name and the 2019 Pogs most transactions award- as well as spend a good amount of time in the top 3 during the regular season. He was, however, still unable to capture that elusive first Division title. Being a member of the Shirts Division in 2019 was not easy as the top 3 teams during the season heralded from that division and all three would have easily won the division title had they been in the Blouses spot.

Jonathan Creel of Creel inc was in the same boat as Hathaway in 2019. Since his championship in 2014, an early exit from the playoffs or missing the playoffs entirely ('15, '16, '18) had been the story as of late. A late surge, however, would allow Creel to somewhat rebound in 2019 as he headed back to the Final Four for the fourth time in his career.

Both Hathaway and Creel would hit a brick wall in the final four, however as defending champion Jacob Jordan and defending everything else Weston Lunsford would hand them both their pink slips in the Final Four.

Not much can be said about Weston Lunsford and Lunsford inc that hasnt already been stated throughout the years. He's a future hall of famer and did nothing but continue to earn it and rake in the acholades in 2019. Lunsford won the Division championship for the third straight year, The survivior series champion, the Benny the Jet's PF Flyers Award given for most points scored in a single season for the second straight year as well as their fourth straight final four appearance and most importantly, their third trip to the DOL Bowl in the past four years.

The only trophy that has haunted Lunsford inc is ...the Kapowski... the coveted trophy given to the champion of DOL and not held by Lunsford since 2009... nearly a decade.

On the flip side you have the defending champion in Jacob Jordan. Jordan went through what seemed like the same issues as Lunsford for the first 14 years in the league Finally getting over the hump in 2016, Jordan has done nothing but win championships it seems. Winning his first in 2016 and falling in the Final four in 2017, Jordan bounced back in 2018, winning another championship with only a 7-5 regular season record.

Enter DOL Bowl XVII..... and Lunsford v Jordan III.

This would mark the third time these two teams have met for the DOL Championship of the world. Their first meeting in 2009 saw Lunsford win his first and only title. That would mark Jordan's third runner-up award at that point and neither would make it to the coveted final again until 2016. 2016….DOL Bowl XIV. Lunsford vs Jordan II was one for the ages. In arguably the best DOL Bowl in history, Jordan snapped his 14 year championship drought, earning his first title – thanks to a last second, garbage time fumble- giving Jordan the 2 point victory he needed.

While Lunsford v Jordan III didnt have quite the last second fireworks as their second matchup in DOL XIV (arguably the greatest game in league history), Jordan jumped out to an early lead but it was Lunsford this time who fought back but came up less than 8 points short, giving Jordan his third championship in four years.

Three championships in four years is a feat only accomplished one other time. A feat that earned Spencer (2003-2006) the league's only dynasty designation in the 17 year history, and certainly warrants the same today. With all of the acholades now, the only question left for Jordan is... is he, at this point, considered the greatest of all time? (g.o.a.t)?

...I think It would be hard pressed to say no at this point.


2019: (ESPN)
League Name: D.O.L
1.Schrute Farms Beeteaters: Jacob Jordan (8-4)
2. Gurley Bird Gets the Sherm: Weston Lunsford (11-1)
3. The Wentz That Was Promised: Jonathan Creel (6-6)
4. Reading Rambo: Bryan Hathaway (8-4)
5.Thielen Deez: Bob and Zane Lowe (6-6)
6.The Innaccurate Reception: Taf Bentley (7-5)
7. Catalina Wine Mixon: Troy Jordan (5-7)
8. Bob Ross' Creation: Preston Weston (5-7)
9. Mike's Ditka: Ashton Jernigan (3-9)
10. Quit Mack'n On My Gurley: Shaun Rannals (3-9)
11. Dim-Mak Death Touch: Hank Hullett (5-7)
12. Mountain Drew Do the Drew: Stephen Whitson (5-7)

(Regular Season Only)
Most Points Scored: 206.8- Schrute Farms Beeteaters (Week 5 Regular Season)
Least Points Scored: 62.6- Reading Rambo (Week 11 Regular Season)
Most Total Points Scored: Gurley Bird Gets the Sherm: 1611.6
Least Total Points Scored: Quit Mack'n on my Gurley: 1363.3