...Sixteen Years of Fantasy Football. As Hathaway, Spencer and Jordan gathered in the "GameRoom" of his parent's house and drafted 2003 NFL Players with slivers of pieces of paper and kept track on a dry erase board under the aroma of Buddy Jordan's jockstrap hanging on the wall, none of them thought they would still be doing it 16 years later.

...Some of them anyway.

The offseason before season 16 of DOL saw the retirement of one, William Harper Spencer IV. A three-time champion, league founding father, former league manager, and Hall of Fame Inductee, Spencer's attention to the league waned in the past few years and he felt it was best to step away to concentrate on other business ventures. In his place, the Lowe Inc. combination of Bob and Zane Lowe were split and Zane created "Lowe-R inc" to take the reigns of his own squad for the first time since his lone 2009 adventure. Hathaway, in his 12th year helming the league, also instituted a new Free Agent System, putting in a currency-bidding year-long process to give a fair shot every week to everyone in the league. A change from the previous system that would allow the team with the worst records first dibs on free agents.

If you will recall, the offseason after his first championship in 2011, Stephen Whitson was sent into a spinning zone of drunken celebration. Being spotted at all of the big events passed out, holding his championship belt. (see the 2012 DOL Illustrated's Here). It took nearly five seasons for Whitson to regain his form afer those dark times... and after his second championship landed in 2017- it appears the same cycle is repeating itself.

The 2018 season started off with a gigantic party at whitson's, full with championship parade that decimated the city of Atlanta for weeks.... Unfortunately for Whitson, the party never ended and he followed up his 2017 championship winning campaign with his worst season in his career up to this point. Whitson inc could muster only 2 regular season wins and took home the 2018 Sherm at the Prom Award, as you know, given for the least amount of points scored in the season.

For an unprecident third straight year, Weston Lunsford and Lunsford Inc had the number one pick, and got the 2018 season started off with a first round selection of running back, Todd Gurley II. Lunsford inc headed into the season fresh off back-to-back championship game appearances- both of which they lost in spectacular fashion. Lunsford's success would continue throughout 2018 as they set sights back to the championship game for the third straight year. A third division championship, a Benny the Jet's PF Flyers Award (Most Points Scored in a Season), a top seed in the playoffs award and an All Time Record would bless Weston's 11th year in the league. They would once again come up short of the ultimate goal, however, as Troy Jordan and T-Roy inc eliminated Lunsford from the playoffs in the Final Four.

Troy Jordan and T-Roy inc, in 2018, owned the all time record for Final Four Appearances. However, with only one championship (2008), that also means they hold the record for most Final Four losses as well. Fresh off of a Final Four loss in 2017, Jordan fired his Director of Player Personnel and hoped the change would make a difference in year 15 of his organization.

Spoiler Alert... it did.

T-Roy inc earned the Pogs most transactions award, making moves throughout the season that paid off in the end as they finally got over that hump and returned to the DOL Bowl for the first time since that blissful 2008 season.

Their opponent?

None other than Jacob Jordan. The same Jake inc. who just snapped a 14-year championship drought in 2017 for his first ever Kapowski trophy less than a year prior. Jacob's season was filled with ups and downs as he finished with a near .500 regular season record and needed a last week win to sneak into the final 6th speed spot to even make the playoffs. The playoffs, however, were a different story as they barely slid by the Blouses division champion and second seeded team from Hullett inc in the Semi-Finals- and squeeked out a four point victory himself in the Final four to head to DOL Bowl XVI.

In the end it was Jordan.......Jacob Jordan and Jake inc., winning their second championship in three years - putting themselves in consideration for a possible Dynasty consideration. Something we've not seen in this league since 2003-2006.

Hullett inc turned in another fantastic season, finishing up the year with 8 impressive victories and capping it off with a division championship, their third- but couldnt get the job done in the playoffs for another consecutive year. Zane Lowe and the newly appointed "Lowe-R inc" faction of Lowe incorporated was wildly successful in his first venture on his own, but came up short in the Final Four, falling to the eventual DOL Bowl champions. Preston West followed up a dissapointing 2017 with a mildly mediocre 6-6 2018. Highlights of the season for P-Dubb inc included a Nude picture scandal (pictured below) , ending on a high note with an ACC Championship win (Loser's Bracket).

The rest of the crew rounded out a mildly dissapointing season as far as finishes go. Highlights of the remaining crew include Creel inc and A-Train inc hitting regular season win milestones, that can be found on our records page and Hath inc housing, but not being able to win anything with, the 2018 DOL MVP in Patrick Mahomes.

Sweet Sixteen for the Desciples of Larson rounded out another successful year as NFL anthem protests and possible fantasy football fatigue threaten a year seventeen.



2018: (ESPN)
League Name: D.O.L
1. Zeke-a-Virus: Jacob Jordan (7-5)
2. Half Chubb: Troy Jordan (7-5)
3. Brady Got Dak: Zane Lowe (8-4)
4. Christian McCaffreyMingle: Weston Lunsford (9-3)
5. Wyld Stallyns: Hank Hullett (8-4)
6. My Ball Zach Ertz: Ashton Jernigan (7-5)
7. Vikes R Kissin Cousins: Preston West (6-6)
8. Deshaun of the Dead: Jonathan Creel (6-6)
9. Mayor Goldie Wilson Meiss: Bryan Hathaway (5-7)
10. Say My Name: Taf Bentley (4-8)
11. Cardiology B: Bob Lowe (3-9)
12. A Team Has No Name: Stephen Whitson (2-10)

(Regular Season Only)
Most Points Scored:195.5- Christian McCaffreyMingle (Week 9 Regular Season)
Least Points Scored: 63.4- Say My name (Week 9 Regular Season)
Most Total Points Scored: CHRISTIAN MCCAFFREYMINGLE 1761.5
Least Total Points Scored: A Team Has No Name 1289.8