The offseason of the fifteenth anniversary of the league was a rather quiet one. As per usual, some construction cranes and jackhammers could be heard at the DOL Hall of Fame site as the uniform display pages were revamped. But nothing unusual for Hathaway, now in his 11th season at the helm as Commissioner. A special 15th anniversary hype video was released (available at the store), a rally at T-Roy inc turned violent over the removal of a statue at Sherm Field. Whitson found himself in more hot water over a mix-up with Bentley Builders at his DOL Center for DOL kids who want to learn how to play fantasy football and do other stuff good too, costing millions to the organization.

...and oh yeah. We had a championship parade.

What an offseason it was for Jacob Jordan indeed. Not only did he win his first championship in the final seconds of DOL Bowl XIV and have a two-day celebration through the streets of Milton, FL, but he also became the fourth DOL Hall of Fame inductee. His 2017 season would go in the books as a strong follow-up as Jake inc. rolled to their fourth career Final Four Appearance but was cut short as dramatically as his prior 2016 season ended, as Stephen Whitson squeezed out a fraction of a point (.8) win to advance to DOL Bowl XV over Jordan.

Speaking of loss and heartbreak, Weston Lunsford. The owner of Lunsford inc, had a rough off-season to deal with after losing DOL BOWL XIV in the final seconds to Jordan. His organizations mission from the beginning was revenge and focus.

It nearly paid off.

After selecting running back David Johnson, with the first overall pick of the draft, Lunsford was met with adversity in week 1 as Johnson goes down with a nearly season ending injury. Rebounding, however, Lunsford overcame a nude picture scandal... spend much of the year at #1 overall, have overall league MVP, win the Survivor Series and earn not only the top seed in the 2017 playoffs, but a follow-up trip at redemption... DOL Bowl XV....where he would face fellow one-time champion, Stephen Whitson.

Stephen.... Whitson....

Whitson inc owner Stephen Whitson's lone championship came in a controversial 2011 season. Since then, he has churned out mediocre years until 2016 came around. Much like Lunsford did this season, Whitson cleaned up in the awards in 2016- the favorite to win the championship, but fell in a heartbreaking loss in the Final Four. Fast Forward to 2017. Following a controversial mid-season move of the team to Atlanta, Georgia, where protests and riots commenced in Tallahassee as the angered team fans protested the move, Whitson and company steadily pumped out 8 wins and a division championship behind running back duo Alvin Kamara and Todd Gurley and came face to face with Weston Lunsford for the Kapowski Trophy in DOL BOWL XV.

Lunsford wanted to avenge the last second loss the previous season, and Whitson wanted to prove that 2011 was no fluke.

Whitson left no doubt.

Stephen and company blew out the Chronicles of Theo Riddick by over 100 points in the second biggest blowout in playoff/DOL bowl history, cruising to his second championship in the organization's six year life, giving the city of Atlanta their first championship.

Injuries plagued owners Bryan Hathaway and Troy Jordan. Hathaway had to overcome losing both starting running backs with injuries to Dalvin Cook and Devonta Freeman and skid into the playoffs amidst a five game losing streak after spending time at number 1 much of the first half of the season. He would eventually fall at the hands of Troy Jordan in the quarterfinal round of the playoffs. Jordan battled his own injuries as well as star wide receiver, Odell Beckham Jr went out week 5. T-Roy inc, however, would fall to Lunsford in the Final Four, but not becoming the all time record leader for most final four appearances in DOL history.

Long time member Hank Hullett capped off an otherwise dissapointing season with a big ACC Championship game win over Spencer, both of which missed the playoffs by less than 2 games. Bob and Zane Lowe, Taf Bentley, Jonathan Creel and Preston West rounded out the 2017 roster with uncharacteristically rough seasons, but all made big resolutions to make the necessary changes to make the 2018 season a successful one.

With Fifteen years in the books, DOL continued to show no signs of slowing down or tiring amongst the crew of 12. Many of which have been in this league for more than a decade.

...or did it?


2017: (ESPN)
League Name: D.O.L
1. Idiocracy Trumpster Fire- Stephen Whitson (8-4)
2. Chronicles of Theo Riddick- Weston Lunsford (9-3)
3. Let Your Soul Glo- Jacob Jordan (9-3)
4. Spencer's Coin Assasins- Troy Jordan (7-5)
5. Super Cocaine Fueled Ninja Turtles- Bryan Hathaway (6-6)
6. Inglorious Staffords- Jonathan Creel (6-6)
7. ZEKE Let us see tha TDs- Hank Hullett- (6-6)
8. Leveon A Prayer- Will Spencer (5-7)
9. Boomstick Butcher- Taf Bentley (5-7)
10. TRumplestiltskins- Bob/Zane Lowe (4-8)
11. WEST not KANYE- Preston West (2-10)
12. Billy Wolfe's Dirty Birds- Ashton Jernigan (5-7)

(Regular Season Only)
Most Points Scored: 166.9-Super Cocaine Fueled Ninja Turtles (Week 3 Regular Season)
Least Points Scored: 63.6- Trumplestiltskins (Week 3 Regular Season)
Most Total Points Scored: 1547.2- Idiocracy Trumpster Fire
Least Total Points Scored: 1160.9- WEST not KANYE