The off-season heading into the thirteenth season of DOL, ninth under commissioner Hathaway's reign, was a rather quiet one. With the exception of a complete overhaul to, the only major change that came DOL's way was the addition of a FLEX position. The second FLEX position would replace the second running back spot and allow for more "flexibility" when filling out lineups. The Unity Council hoped for more parity throughout the league.

...and parity is what they got.

The 2015 Hall of Fame would snub favorites Troy Jordan and reigning back to back champion Jonathan Creel as nobody would receive enough votes for entry into the coveted hall for the first time since the 2012 season.

The next order of business for the council was finding a replacement for retired member Nelson Knowles. The Unity Council looked no further than Minor League all-star Preston West. Fresh off of multiple minor league championships, West (at 32 years old) had made a career out of playing in the farm system and had long since made peace with not ever being called up to the "big leagues." Then it happened. West received the call from Hathaway and DOL. "I just wanted to make the most of an opportunity I'd waited most my life to get." said West..... and boy did he.

DOL also welcomed Daniel Lunsford to the league as co-owner of the newly re-organized Lunsford inc. While both rookies had polar opposites as far as on the field results go, both were impressive enough that the Unity Council would vote to make both sanctioned league members after just one year.... and un-precidented move, as it was the first time in league history any members had become sanctioned before the usual two-year minimum.

The 13th annual DOL draft went off without a hitch as hall of famer, Will Spencer, selected suspended running back LeVeon Bell who was tapped to have a huge season once returning from an off-season suspension. Bell would put up tremendous numbers for Spencer until an unfortunate injury in Week 8. This would not stop WS inc. however from making a 7th trip to the final four and a league-leading fifth DOL BOWL appearance.

Injuries would be the theme of the 2015 season. To an extent never witnessed in the history of the league.

League legend Taf Bentley would be bitten the hardest by the injury-bug. With the ingenious in-season roster moves that has come to portray Bentley as an owner, TB inc had amassed a juggernaut in 2015. The team rivaled his 2011 record-setting squad as he spent most of the season at, or around, the top spot in the league. by one.... it happened. Both running backs went down with season-ending injuries (ranked #1 and #3 in running back points at the time of injury). That, coupled with a few more injuries, depleted Bentley's roster and he saw his top ranking plumet as TB inc struggled to slide into the playoffs for a league-leading 8th straight year. His season came to an end as they were beaten in the first round handily by fourth seeded Troy Jordan-led squad. Bentley would finish in the top five once again for also a league-leading 10th time in 11 years.

Fresh off of a Hall of Fame snub, owner Troy Jordan and T-Roy inc. set their sights on what he hoped would be a championship campaign in 2015. He felt that would solidify his Hall of Fame chances and be a fitting follow-up to what was a record setting 2014 campaign. Jordan would, however, have to settle for a second straight point title, reaching the 75 all time win mark and a 7th final four appearance. To add insult to injury it was in fact a heart-breaking one-tenth of a point loss to rival Creel in the week seven annual 'Battle for the War Eagle' that would shift the playoff seeding enough that would end up being the reason Jordan was not crowned the 2015 DOL Bowl XIII Champion.

Controversy is no stranger to 2011 DOL champion Stephen Whitson and 2015 was no exception. Another lack luster season on the field ended in a high note with a first ever ACC Championship (consolation bracket winner), but it was once again the off the field antics with Whitson inc. that made the headlines. Beginning with erecting his own statue in honor of his 2011 championship and ending with the latest DOL nude picture scandal (seen below), Whitson took another note from the Urban Meyer school of coaching... 'if you're not in the news for winning, be in the news for something.'

The Lowe's (Bob and Zane), owners of Lowe inc, hoped that 2015 would be the year they got their first ever championship as well. With two runner-up awards and four final four appearances, the Lowe's gambled in 2015--putting all their 'chips' in the "Patriot" basket. Behind the leadership of veteran quarterback Tom Brady, the gamble appeared to pay off as the Lowes spent some time at #1 for the first time in franchise history and rolled into the playoffs as the second overall seed. But the Final Four would be the last stop for the 'Patriot Train' as injuries would plague Lowe inc as well and a season low 88 point performance would result in a loss to Spencer and cost the franchise a third trip to the DOL Bowl.

Founding father Jacob Jordan made some fireworks before his second selection in the 2013 draft with a media rant asking about his constant second place finishes and never being able to 'make it over the hump'. The rant earned Jordan another fine from the league as he shifted his sights towards his thirteenth year in the league, one he quietly hoped would finally earn him his first championship. Injuries would de-rail the championship campaign for Jordan as well, despite a Rocky Balboa Award-winning comeback at the end of the season to get into the playoffs for the first time since the 2010 season. He would earn his 75th all-time win and beat Hathaway in the annual rivalry game but would be up-ended in the first round of the playoffs by two points at the hands of long time foe William Spencer.

A two-point win was the norm for Spencer in 2015. In fact, five of WS inc's nine total wins came by three points or less on the season. But tight games or not, Spencer and company were able to secure another division championship, two playoff wins and a spot in DOL BOWL XIII. With a 2-2 DOL BOWL record heading into the championship game, Spencer admittedly began to feel the pressure of the big game as fans have become to be less impressed with just making it to the big game and ancy for a fourth championship. (the last coming in 2006). Standing in his way would be none other than the rookie and P-Dubb inc owner... Preston West.

West came into DOL Bowl XIII loose and with no pressure... and why should he have any pressure? His first season in the league up to that point had been a breeze. West cruised through the brutal 12-game regular season with an impressive nine wins, a division title, and a survivor series championship--earning him the top seed in his first trip to the post season. After years spent in the minor leagues, dreaming of this opportunity could it really be this easy? West wasnt rattled by the pressure of the big leagues nor by the simple fact he would be facing league legend and hall of famer, Spencer, in the biggest game on the biggest stage.

...and in the end it wasnt the most experience that was crowned DOL champion... in the end.... it was heart.

That multiple time minor league champ that could never quite make the big leagues to which the media doomed to stay in the minor leagues for the remainder of his career was given a shot and made the most of it. To be the best you have to beat the best and the current best.... is now....Preston West.

2015 was a year about parity as it came down to the final week for nearly every franchise for the remaining playoff spots thanks to injuries that ran rampant throughut the league. A year sprinked with dissapointment for the likes of long time members Hank Hullett, Bryan Hathaway, Jonathan Creel and Ashton Jernigan. Yet any dissapointment was washed away at least temporarily as the best news of the season came as 2015 came to a close. The worldwide leader in sports entertainment, ESPN, recognized commissioner Hathaway and the league with multiple awards ranging from hundreds of dollars worth of gift cards to an artist renditioning of DOL and it's members (pictured below). Commissioner Hathaway was also a guest on ESPN's fantasy football now for the sadly "random" drawing. You can view the video HERE, or by clicking the screen capture below:

And with the ESPN recognition of the league, the book was closed on the 2015 season. A year of parity.... a year of missed opportunities...a year of injures.... but most of all... a year of the rookie.


2015: (ESPN)
League Name: D.O.L
1. Lightning DE rojo- Preston West (9-3)
2. Yippee Ki Yay Justin Tucker- Will Spencer (7-5)
3. Barry Lincoln- Troy Jordan (6-6)
4. Breez Nuts (Got 'eem!)- Bob/Zane Lowe (7-5)
5. Angels With Filthy Souls- Taf Bentley (6-6)
6. Shenanigans- Jacob Jordan (6-6)
7. Tallanasty Cookin s BreesE- Stephen Whitson (4-8)
8. Prestige Worldwide- Bryan Hathaway (6-6)
9. Abdullah Oblongata- Ashton Jernigan (6-6)
10. Uncle Rico's Highlight Tape- Hank Hullett (6-6)
11. Galette: Best a Roofie Can Get- Weston/Daniel Lunsford (4-8)
12. Favre and Carve- Jonathan Creel (6-6)
Blouses Division Champion: Lightning DE rojo
Shirts Division Champion: Yippee Ki Yay Justin Tucker

(Regular Season Only)
Most Points Scored: 191.7- Angels With Filthy Souls (Playoffs Rd 3 vs Shenanigans)
Least Points Scored: 59.8- Favre and Carve (Playoffs Rd 1 vs Tallanasty Cookin s BreesE)
Most Total Points Scored: 1541.8- Barry Lincoln
Least Total Points Scored: 1257.5- Tallanasty Cookin s BreesE