Year eleven of the league saw Bryan Hathaway, in his seventh year at the helm, aggressively make up for the lack of changes made the season previous. In what was probably the most active off-season in league history to date, Hathaway and the Unity Council implemented and expanded on the new league structure resulting in one of the most fun seasons in league history.

2013 saw a new playoff format-- 6 teams allowed into the winner's bracket for the first time in the 13-year history, as well as a monitary entry fee of $15 for league membership with, for the first time, the top 3 finishers winning money as well as other fortunes including, but not limited to, an actual Championship ring for the winner. A decimal scoring system was put into place as well as a new league trophy room for each current member and the addition of 4 new trophies (playoff top seed award, most transactions award, 75 wins award and the official naming of the championship trophy to..."The Kapowski"). The off-season also saw national recognition as Hathaway received an email from ESPN. Someone had seen the league records website ( and submitted it to them. The national network asked for permission to use aspects of the site for their weekly broadcast segment "Fantasy Football Now." Permission was granted by Hathaway and the Unity Council, but if anything was used is unknown.

With DOL Bowl X losing money with low attendance numbers, Hathaway's keen business intellect rocked into action as he created the "DOL Awards Show" to drum up more interest for the regular season awards. This was a giant success (and can be viewed by clicking the issues below) as well as the first ever "DOL Auction" where memorabilia from years past were auctioned off such as a "game worn Nelson Knowles V-Neck" or "Bryan's undies used during the 2012 celebration party after win over jacob." (all which can be viewed by clicking on the newsletter issues below. An off-season newsletter was implemented to keep up with league news during the off-season as well as selling off the rights to past champions to use in the special edition of GQ "Champions of DOL edition". Also using a marketing technique which proved to be successful in 2012, DOL Records released the second single, this one by A-Train, called "DOL Anthem", which sold millions, topping 2012's sales. (Download is available in our online store).

The most controversial off-season move, that was met with mixed emotions, involved the high, deep caverns of the legendary Mt. Crushmore. The decision was made to remove the past winners from the mountain and only have the faces of the 3 founding fathers; Will Spencer, Jacob Jordan and Bryan Hathaway. As a past champion, a lyric-line in A-Train's released single, voices some of the frustrations that were heard regarding the decision. While some were not pleased, Jordan was the most happy as he finally got his face on the mountain side.... as he was unable to do so as a champion.

2013 was also the final season for member Chad Hunsucker. Hunsucker failed to be retained at the end of his second season by the Unity Council, but made a mark in his final season, winning the shirts division championship.

The 2013 regular season was just about ready to be kicked off until a bomb was dropped on the league....Hathaway announced his retirement from the game of Fantasy Football.... as a player. In a surprise press conference, Hathaway announced that the 2013 pairing up with Creel as a co-owner, would be his swan song as he would focus primarily on running a league that had become an absolute juggernaut. This came on the heels of being the second person ever inducted into the DOL Hall of Fame... but 2013 would get better for Hathaway...much better.

This season's draft went on without a hitch. As I-Phone took Hank Hullett under their wing and got his connection stable, the only member repeatedly booted from the draft was Jonathan Creel; an understandable scenario based on the fact his connection from the grand canyon was a 1985 Montgomery Ward's Television with an antenna and Tin foil. However, being in a co-ownership caused no issues or pausing of the draft and therefore very little public disgrace to the man with the mount-me hat.

Troy Jordan received the newly re-randomized first draft pick and selected Adrian Peterson from Minnesota. Peterson's inconsistency, however, caused Troy's season to have highs and lows. A high point was breaking the 2009 All Time record for most points scored in a week (although it was rebroken in the championship game) and winning the prestigious award for Best Team Picture on the year. Jordan, unfortunately, ended up missing out on the playoffs, taking home the Chris Benoit Biggest Choke of the Year Award, and falling in the Consolation Bracket (ACC) Championship Game, finishing 8th overall. Jordan fell to the duo of Bob and Zane in the ACC Championship game, which ended up being the highlight of their season. Bob chalked up his 3rd ACC Championship of all time, while it is also worth noting that the duo was the only team to beat Creel & Hathaway this season.

The defending DOL Champion had a bit of a party hangover from 2012. Being called out on his lackadaisical behavior by his conference president in the yearly Shirts division address. Jernigan did end up making the playoffs, squeezing in as the last and 6th seed, which ended up earning him the Rocky Balboa Comeback of the Year award, yet also earned the lowest point total of the season award for his on-field performance. Jernigan's reign came to an abrupt end as he fell to 3rd seeded Stephen Whitson in the first round.

Whitson's bad-boy persona continued with more off-field arrests for public intoxication, but proved that once the lights come on.. it's gametime. Whitson bounced back from a tough, dead last finish in 2012, to make the playoffs as the #3 overall seed and finish the year ranked 4th.

Founding father, Jacob Jordan hoped to follow up his newly anointed Mount Crushmore carving and prove the Buffalo Bills organization wrong for inducting them into their Hall of Fame in the off-season (for his legendary status of winning always being #2 and winning the Buffalo Bills Runner-up award)...but it wasn't in the cards for 2013. Jordan wrapped up another disappointing season, falling to rival Hathaway for what is thought to be their final matchup, as well as a well documented picture signing controversy at the Shirt's Division Media Day in which Jordan was busted for selling autographed, non-sanctioned, DOL photos of himself (pictured below and read about it in issues below). With a 9th overall finish on the season and a "one and done" in the consolation bracket, Jordan's highlight of 2013 was his deal with " Air Jordan", which provided some publicity with their "lil' jakey" character.

Let's shift focus to Taf Bentley. Few have been more successful over his career than Bentley...some would argue, nobody has been more successful.... and 2013 was no different. Taking home his 4th award for Most Transactions, Bentley wheeled and dealed his way to his most successful season ever, winning 11 games, breaking numerous All Time Records. One may argue, however, Taf made one move.. too many. Pulling off a monster trade with Creel/Hath which saw AJ Greene sent to Bentley, inc and league leading scorer Jamaal Charles sent to Creel/Hath, this move ended up being the one which elevated Creel/Hath to their most memorable season ever. Nothing, however, could have saved Bentley from the disaster that awaited him in the Final Four, matched up with arch-rival Will Spencer for a chance at his 4th ever Championship appearance and to continue his dominance over his rival. Starting two Detriot lions in Matthew Stafford (QB) and Megatron (WR) was a godsend all season, but when he needed them the most, an epic and unusual blizzard at Philadelphia happened. This proved to be too much for Taf to overcome and his season was ended with another top 3 finish. The disappointment was lifted a little for Bentley, however, as he was voted in unanimously to the Class of 2014 Hall of Fame.

Will Spencer's amazing league performances continued in '13 as he made it to yet another Championship game, yet for only the second time, fell short. However, Spencer's behavior during the season is what has most experts baffled. People close to Spencer report that his agent wanted to re-create his "stale" image. This resulted in Spencer more than likely not being remembered for his on the field accomplishments in '13, and his new "Dynasty Years" book deal he signed, but instead for his reckless driving misdemeanor charges from Shirts Division Media Days, his night-club dustup arrest, allegedly throwing nickles onto the fied during his Final Four matchup with Taf, falling victim 3 times to the new decimal system (losing by less than a point) and most of all........ his multiple streaking arrests. All of which can be read about in the new clickable issues below.

Enter Hathaway and Creel.....

In what was only overshadowed by an equally, if not more impressive season by Taf Bentley, Creel and Hathaway had a season for the ages. Setting 2 All Time Records, and posting an all time high 11 regular season wins, the duo saw themselves in a place where Creel had never been...up against the All Time leader in wins and championships in Will Spencer..... DOL BOWL XI. While Creel had not ever made it to the finals, five of the league's championships had been won by the other two facing down each other. Hathaway wanted to make a statement, his pregame press conference he noted he'd never lost in the finals and didnt plan to this time. With his retirement pending he wanted to ride into the sunset, legacy in tow. He wanted to cement Hathaway/Creel as the best duo to ever team up....

...And ladies and gentleman it wasn't even close. Not only did Hathaway and Creel's squad win by nearly 80 points (185.4-106.9), the 185.4 points set the all time record for most points scored in a single week, much less a championship game.

As 2013 came to a close, debates raged on over who was now the greatest of all time. Did this renew Hathaway's spirit and with a team open would he return to the competitive ranks? What new off-season changes awaited DOL for 2014?

One thing is for certain, the celebration of Creel's first ever championship could be heard loudest on Mount Crushmore. So loud in fact, legend now has it, the carved face of Jacob Jordan frowned a little bit more with enviousness.

2013: (ESPN)
League Name: D.O.L
1. Discount Belichick- Bryan Hathaway / Jonathan Creel (11-1)
2. Revis and Butt Fumble- Will Spencer (6-6)
3. Jake From State Farm- Taf Bentley (11-1)
4. Bjoern to be Wild- Stephen Whitson (7-5)
5. My Jim Schwartz are Dirty- Ashton Jernigan (6-6)
6. Luck Dynasty- Chad Hunsucker (6-6)
7. Justice for Doug Martin- Bob Lowe / Zane Lowe (4-8)
8. Cooper's KKKids- Troy Jordan (5-7)
9. Annexation of Puerto Rico- Jacob Jordan (5-7)
10. Popped A Molly Im Suspended- Nelson Knowles (3-9)
11. Call Me Brady- Weston Lunsford (4-8)
12. 1.21 J.J. Watts- Hank Hullett (4-8)
Blouses Division Champion: Jake From State Farm
Shirts Division Champion: Luck Dynasty

(Regular Season Only)
Most Points Scored: 184.9- Cooper's KKKids (Week 1 vs Luck Dynasty)
Least Points Scored: 60- My Jim Schwartz are Dirty (Week 1 vs Revis and Butt Fumble)
Most Total Points Scored: 1555.9- Jake From State Farm
Least Total Points Scored: 1142.4- My Jim Schwartz are Dirty