With the League celebrating at the peak of popularity, the fourth year league commissioner, Bryan Hathaway once again signaled new, yet minor, changes down to the masses of the league. Receiving pressure from the outside by others desperately trying to be part of the most popular league around did not faze the grand master at all, and the league remained at 12 teams for the 2010 season. In fact, the only changes that were instituted were the additions of new written pieces every week: "THE CHAMPS CORNER" would be a message from the current defending champion ever so often, as well as weekly pieces written by the League Management Team. "B's FLASHBACK" brought the past back to the future. "TAF'S FANTASY CORNER" gave insight into the fantasy football world with advice on who would have the biggest week. "THE FANTASY HOTSEAT" was also begun, as each member was invited to the HOTSEAT and asked a series of questions over the 12-week season. (see below example of Hot Seat Interview). "LARSON WATCH" shared "sightings" of Coach Larson from encounters with the members. One of the biggest changes instituted was the League Name, to which it was changed to a permanent name of "D.O.L" or "Disciples of Larson."

(Troy Jordan interview "The Fantasy Hotseat 2010)

After missing the 2009 season on internship with a national park, 2010 started with the threat of Jonathan Creel missing yet another year of fantasy football. The draft date was pushed back to accommodate and the "Creel Watch" was implemented as he made his way back to town just in time for the 2010 draft, starting the 2010 season with a bang!!

With the departure of Keith Hathaway, the league welcomed it's only rookie into the Dirty Dozen this season, calling Ashton Jernigan up from the majors. Although Jernigan didn't enjoy the same success of past rookies, he did nearly win the Best Team Name Award for "Schaub on my Knob", causing the only controversy of the season as he lost  a close vote to "Saved By the Belichick". Bob and Zane Lowe also joined family forces as co-owners for the first time since Brian and Troy Jordan in 2004.

The 2009 off-season was a bit of an up and down one for League founding father Jacob Jordan. Being beaten by Weston Lunsford in 2009 and earning his 3rd league runner-up trophy sent Jordan off the edge. An off-season found a tortured soul with multiple arrests, 3 stints in rehab and an un-disclosed addiction problem that nearly stopped Jordan from full-filling his 2010 contract for the league. He did make it, however and finished with a respective middle of the pack #5 finish to wrap up the season. In fact, despite his troubles, 2010 saw Jordan become just the 2nd owner in league history to earn 50 wins in a career and receive the "Sally O'Malley 50 Wins Award".

The 2010 season also saw another league member crack under the pressure. Defending league champion Weston Lunsford was fresh off his first championship in just his second year in the league. Sporting a ridiculously awesome winning percentage, Lunsford was beginning to get comparisons to league legend, Will Spencer and his dynasty run of 2003-2006. He was beginning to receive the same league jealousy and criticism as Spencer saw during his tenure, which eventually led to his stepping down as league manager and the "quiet" act he put on for years. In fact, 2010 saw Spencer speak out for the first time on all of the drama for the first time since his last championship in 2006 in the League's "Hot Seat".

Despite the pressure during the regular season, Lunsford put his struggles with his newly found fame to the side and rolled to to his first double digit win season and accomplished something he didn't in his championship season, won the coveted Blouses Division Championship, earning the top seed heading back into the playoffs. He also took home the award for Most Points in a regular season for the third straight year as well as the award for Best Team Name for his "Saved by the Belichick" submission.  It was there (the playoffs) he cracked under the pressure to repeat as he was knocked out by two-time champion and league founding father, Bryan Hathaway and his 8th seeded "Touchdown There" squad in the post-season quarter-finals, earning Lunsford the Chris Benoit Biggest Choke of the Season award.

The biggest surprise of the season came in the form of Chase Norton, in his third year. Famous for his team pictures, Norton never enjoyed the successes of winning in his first two ventures, winning just 8 total games coming into the year. But thanks to a good draft which saw Norton take Drew Brees with his first pick, his "Show Me Your TD's" squad reeled off an impressive 8 regular season wins on his way to a "Shirts" division championship and a first round BYE in the playoffs. An early exit in the playoffs dampened the accomplishment however as he was upset by the #7 seeded "He Hate Me" squad, manned by former champion, Troy Jordan. 2010, however,  was definitely a break out year for Norton.

Hullett once again enjoyed success in 2010, as he looked to rebound from his devastating choke job in 2009. His "Flacco Seagulls" squad couldn't get past Lunsford for the Blouses division championship, but did redeem himself in the playoffs. The #3 seeded Seagulls blew past the quarter and semifinals game on his way to the league championship for his first time ever, but came up just short in a 94-87 loss.

Then we come to Taf Bentley.

Bentley has had a career of success, winning 38 games since coming into the league,--league runner-up twice....but, like Jordan, could never get over the hump and the pressure of the Championship game. Enter Michael Vick. Vick's return to the NFL stirred some controversy, and it was Bentley who took the chance on him. He saw what the future would hold in week 10 as he went head to head with former champion Bryan Hathaway. Down by 72 points and just Michael Vick and LeSean McCoy going on Monday night, Hathaway seemingly had the game in the bag.. but a combined 73-point performance by Vick and McCoy gave Bentley's "Homo for Romo" squad the one point win and set the tone for the rest of the season, single handily earning Taf his second Rocky Balboa Award. They would meet again in the semi-finals for a trip to the championship game, but Vick would once again be too much to handle as he cruised to wins over Hathaway and then Hullett in DOL BOWL VIII, earning him his long awaited first championship.

2010 would also be the Final Year for long time member Jim Waters and 3-year veteran Chase Norton as prior obligations would keep them from fulfilling their contracts in 2011. Waters made sure he went out in glory with his fifth Worst Team Name Award.

With the league prospering and advertising at an all time high, the D.O.L has a foothold in the past and a gaze towards the future.


2010: (ESPN)
League Name: D.O.L
1. Homo For Romo- Taf Bentley (8-4)
2. Flacco Seagulls- Hank Hullett (8-4)
3. He Hate Me- Troy Jordan (6-6)
4. Touchdown There- Bryan Hathaway (6-6)
5. Turd Ferguson- Jacob Jordan (6-6)
6. Show Me Your TD's- Chase Norton (8-4)
7. Saved By The Belichick- Weston Lunsford (10-2)
8. Bernie Mac Asthma Attack- Zane Lowe/Bob Lowe (5-7)
9. Down With The Girls- Will Spencer (7-5)
10. Schaub On My Knob- Ashton Jernigan (4-8)
11. Favre From Over- Jonathan Creel (1-11)
12. Knights that say 'NI- Jim Waters (3-9)
Blouses Division Champion: Saved By The Belichick
Shirts Division Champion: Show Me Your TD's

(Regular Season Only)
Most Points Scored: 122- Saved By the Belichick (Week 1 vs Flacco Seagulls)
122- Show Me Your TD's (Week 5 vs Schaub on my Knob)
Least Points Scored: 33- Shaub On My Knob (Week 1 vs Down with the Girls)
Most Total Points Scored: 1091- Saved By the Belichick
Least Total Points Scored: 772- Favre From Over