The 2008 season saw the League Commissioner's office (Hathaway) improve upon the very successful 2007 campaign of the league. Now in his second year of office, the league saw the addition of many things, most notably the trophy rooms. Wanting to maintain the history of the league, a mass effort was put forth to gather and protect as much of the league's history as was possible. Much to the behest of long time member, Taf Bentley, more and more trophies were added and named and renamed as well as the addition of "Weekly Awards". YouTube videos were also an added plus and the league's focus on making fun of "The Sherminator" was at an all time high.

"It's time for someone else to win the league." Was the exact quote by long time member Troy Jordan to an un-named source.

Despite the league prospering in it's sixth year, there had been five championships won, yet only two champions crowned. As Hathaway and Spencer accounted for all five championships, Troy urged for someone else to finally make the plunge!

Weston Lunsford and Chase Norton both entered the league in 2008, rounding out the last season of 10 teams...and also the last season of one single division. While Norton struggled a bit in his first year, Lunsford prospered. Having acquired Weston from a very prosperous career in the minor leagues, Lunsford immediately posted 9 wins in his first season, including leading the league in Total points scored. (a title held by Will Spencer every single season since 2003).

Despite the successes of Rookie, Weston Lunsford, it was Troy Jordan who would not be denied. Drafting Adrian Peterson with the #2 pick in the draft, and acquiring Peyton Manning with a late season trade from Jonathan Creel, Troy and his "OldManHerbert's Popsicles" team ran through the regular season. Posting a league high 10 wins, The Popsicles rolled to a #1 seed in the four team playoff with impressive fashion. Weston's "Pacman's Rebellion" rolled in at the #2 spot, while Taf Bentley (The Ghost and the Darkness) once again found himself in post season play after a one-year hiatus in 2007. Also, despite his handicaps naming teams, Jim Waters once again also found himself back in the playoffs for the third time in his career as the #4 seed.

Defending Champion, Hathaway's "Sherm's Shenanigans" would miss the playoffs, but for the first time in his career would not be WORST or FIRST, finishing # 8 but would post the league's least amount of points scored for the season. League Legend Will Spencer's fall from grace would hit rock bottom in 2008 as he finished dead last, posting just two wins on the season.

This would also be the last year that the playoffs spanned two weeks and just 4 teams were allowed into post-season play. Despite the grumblings from the 2007 runner-up, Jacob, (Because he lost) the two week playoff system remained implemented in 2008. "One and Done" Jim Waters and the Rookie, Lunsford put up a gallant effort in the semifinals, but in the end it was Troy vs Taf for the 2008 DOL BOWL VI Championship.... and Troy's OldMan Popsicles was just too strong. Taf's very impressive fantasy resume still did not include a League Championship despite now two trips to the Finals. In addition to the Buffalo Bill's Runner Up Award, Bentley would also win the Rocky Balboa Award after battling back from a 2-4 start to win his last 5 games to make the finals.

Jim Waters and his TBOWOVERCNORRISGOGATORS name earned him back the Worst Team Name of the Year award, after which it was decided by the league majority and backed by the founding fathers to rename the award the "JIM WATERS" Award in his honor. It was Jim's 3rd time winning the award, and would not be his last. Bob Lowe bounced back from his catastrophe the year before and won the Best Team Name Award for his "Nappy Headed Lo's" submission.

2008 was a very big success. The faults and stumbles of the past seemed to drift away as a new champion was finally crowned and the League continued to prosper.


2008: (ESPN)
League Name: Peanut Butter Jelly Time II
1. OldManHerberts Popsicles- Troy Jordan (10-3)
2. The Ghost and the Darkness- Taf Bentley (8-5)
3. Pacman's Rebellion- Weston Lunsford (9-4)
4. tbowoverCNorris gogators- Jim Waters (8-5)
5. Nappy-Headed Lo's- Bob Lowe (6-7)
6. Jeff Larson's HI-YA's- Jonathan Creel (6-7)
7. Cal Naughtons- Jacob Jordan (6-7)
8. Sherm's Shenanigans- Bryan Hathaway (5-8)
9. The Skripclub Revolution- Chase Norton (5-8)
10. Jagged Little Thrill- Will Spencer (2-11)

(Regular Season Only)
Most Points Scored: 133 - The Ghost and the Darkness- Week 13 vs Sherm's Shenanigans
Least Points Scored: 29- Jeff Larson's Hi-Ya's- Week 13 vs Nappy Headed Lo's
Most Total Points Scored: 1169 -Pacman's Rebellion
Least Total Points Scored: 893- Sherm's Shenanigans