After the craziness that was the 2006 season, a major overhaul was needed to keep the threat of the league crumbling from becoming a reality. With Will Spencer taking a "leave of absence" from the League Manager position, Taf Bentley was thrust into the position as interim L.M. His first, and only, order of business was taking the league from the depths of hell at YAHOO to the new found glory over at ESPN. Bentley quickly resigned, appointing League founding father and one-time champion, Bryan Hathaway as the new man in charge. Hathaway's campaign was run more like a democracy and for the first time, the people, had a say. (Mostly because ESPN offered a new "voting" tool.) Structure and guidelines were set in place and actions were taken to assure the league would last far into the future.

Still at 10 members, the new League "Peanut Butter, Jelly Time" added short-lived members Erik Baird and Kirk Gilley. (Both of which would not be asked back for the 2008 season.) Also added to the league was a "best team picture" category since users now had the option of adding any picture they wanted to represent their team. Jonathan Creel's "Marty McFly's" picture of a fly wearing a McDonalds hat, took home the prize, just beating out Jacob Jordan's picture of Brad Pitt, representing his "Pitt Stains" team.

The Pitt Stains earned the random first pick of the 2007 draft, taking LaDanian Tomlinson as number one overall once again.

2007 was also a bit of a coming out party for founding father Jacob Jordan as well as Troy Jordan. Both of whom made the playoffs for the second time of each of their careers. Jacob rode the coattails of LaDanian Tomlinson and Donovan McNab to a league best 9-4 record and the top seed heading into the 2007 playoffs. While Troy's "Blackwater Bass" had Drew Brees to thank for his successes. The biggest story of the year was without a doubt, the defending League Champion and 3-time winner Will Spencer, who missed the playoffs for the first time in league history, posting an almost "human" 7-6 record.

But the more things change...the more they stay the same. After following up his 2005 campaign with another last place finish in 2006, it was Hathaway who would once again find his way to the top, but it wasn't without some work. Sitting in week 10 with a 5-5 record, looking up at his arch rival Jacob sitting atop the standings, Bryan's "URiNE TrOuBLe" never lost again. Winning his final three games and finding his way into the top 4 as the #3 seed in the playoffs.

To Jacob, Hathaway was an after thought much of the season. Jordan spent much of the season battling with Erik Baird and the "Madisonville Chickenhawks" for first place. Despite falling to Hathaway's Urine Trouble team in Week 9, he still kept focus on taking down a Chickenhawks team who sported a 6-0 record to start off the season as Jordan earned his 2nd playoff birth and top seed heading into the 2007 post season.

It wasn't until Hathaway upset the Chickenhawks in the first round that Jacob knew he would meet his rival for not a measly rivalry trophy, but the coveted League Championship... DOL Bowl V. Just as Spencer's reign as Champion and League Manager in years before,  corruption was once again being accused after what was one of the best Championship games in league history. A slight change to the playoffs before the start of the season saw not only the top four teams make the Winner's Bracket, but each round would last two weeks with the total being the final score. Week 1 of the FINALS saw Jacob finish with the top score, but thanks to a New England Patriots undefeated season, Tom Brady lifted Hathaway's Urine Trouble to a 179-159 victory over the Pitt Stains. *Side Note- Jacob was the lone wolf calling "corruption" after his loss.

His second championship in three years would have definitely been enough for Hathaway's three year run to be named the league's second declared DYNASTY, but that last place finish in 2006 will always haunt him....

Hathaway took home his first Best Team Name Award along with his second championship, while it was Bob Lowe's "NE BRADY=2 BABIES" who ripped the Jim Waters Worst Team Name Award from Jim Waters himself. Bob's 07 campaign wasn't a complete failure however, as he also took home his second Rocky Balboa Biggest Comeback award after he started the season off with a slow start, but fought back to win the consolation bracket and a #5 finish.

2007 was the beginning of a new era. Despite only two winners in five years of league play, the decision to move to ESPN opened a lot more doors and re-energized the members as the reign of Hathaway as League Manager AND League Champion began..


2007: (ESPN)
League Name: Peanut Butter Jelly Time
1. UrInE TrOuBlE- Bryan Hathaway (8-5)
2. The Pitt Stains- Jacob Jordan (9-4)
3. Blackwater Bass- Troy Jordan (8-5)
4. Madisonville Chickenhawks- Erik Baird (9-4)
5. The Pitt Crew- Taf Bentley (7-6)
6. The Soup Nazis- Kirk Gilley (5-8)
7. NE Brady=2 Babies- Bob Lowe (3-10)
8. The Zack Attack- Will Spencer (7-6)
9. Marty McFly's- Jonathan Creel (4-9)
10. Devon's Destroyers- Jim Waters (5-8)

(Regular Season Only)
Most Points Scored: 150 - Marty McFly's - Week 3 vs URiNE TrOuBLe
Least Points Scored: 27 - The Pitt Crew - Week 5 vs Blackwater Bass
Most Total Points Scored: 1213 - The Zack Attack
Least Total Points Scored: 960 - NE Brady=2 babies