The off-season leading up to the 2006 was a bit better than had been in years past. The league had a new champion in Hathaway, and some new blood was going to be asked into the league of ten. But the good vibes didn't last long, tired of the grief the former champion and League Manager was getting, Will Spencer began to fire back. 2006 was full of controversy, trash talking and was definitely the end of an era, as Rome began to crumble, and would never again be the same....beginning with the League Name: "Hot Route! Hot Route!" (I told you it would get worse).

Bob Lowe and Buddy Hinote made their first marks on the League in 2006 (and in Buddy's case, his only year). While, Jonathan Creel jumped back in after a year hiatus. Spencer would once again be at the helm as League Manager as, what no-one knew then, would be his final year at the reigns. The rumors of corruption and miss-use of power began to run rampant again on draft day as Will pushed the button to randomize the draft and he received the same pick he had just days before stated he'd like to have... # 3. There was and still is no proof anyone was cheating, but that didn't stop the ill-will. Just as Alabama was in their hayday, and the Yankees before them, Spencer was still on top and nobody liked a winner.

The controversy started early as Will's loaded Bingville Bulls jumped out to quick start, including an opening game blowout of the defending champion, Hathaway's "Naked BootLegz". After starting his career with two straight seasons with dead last finishes, Bryan had a dream season in 2005, being crowned League Champion. but, the fame and popularity must have been too much to handle as he fell completely apart in 2006, finishing dead last once again.

Once Spencer regained some of the momentum he lost with that devastating collapse in the 2005 playoffs, the trash talking began in the message boards. Members responded, blasting Spencer. The former champion and League Manager scrambled to rid the boards of messages of slander against his empire and label he had taken so much time and effort to build. Most of the messages from the bloodbath were destroyed or lost in action, but the few left on the boards in the aftermath show what came before and read as follows:
Troy Jordan, "cant we all just b friends...who cares, LT is a freak and scores 3434 points a week...." 
Taf Bentley
, "A lot of gum flappin, kinda reminds me of Terrell Owens, that's ok I'd rather be McNabb in any situation".....

and in an attempt to calm the mayhem, Spencer issued a statement from the league offices with this

Will Spencer, "
Just wanted to apologize for people who took things the wrong way. I did not mean to hurt anyone's feelings, it was just some smack talk that wound up putting a shot in my heart. I am sure ya'll have done some smack talking in your lives before, like to me last year when I got beat, so just wanted to apologize and by the way great victory last week Unmolested. I do hope The Naked Bootlegs puts his players in though, b/c this game is luck he just had the bad luck of scheduling, and anyone can win any given week."....  The remark towards Hathaway's "Naked Bootlegz" was sparked on by the move in the week prior . In the stupidest / greatest trade of all time, Spencer had acquired some talent through a trade regarding Dante Cullpepper, adding to his stacked team. In protest, Hathaway sat all of his players, putting up zeros in both weeks heading into the post season.

Despite all of the controversy, Spencer's Bingville Bulls dominated 2006, setting a season point total, which still stands today in the record books. He, however, did not dominate in the win total, winning 2 less games than the previous year and it was actually turtling (Jim Waters) who was the #1 seed heading into the post-season.  The playoffs were dropped back to just the top four teams by the League Manager (Spencer) which riled up the masses even more. It was Jim Waters (turtling), Bob Lowe (The Tom Brady Bunch), Taf Bentley (Unmolested) and Will Spencer (Bingville Bulls) who rounded out the field of 4. Spencer and Bentley once again faced off in the Semifinals of the tournament, with the winner once again heading to the Championship. In the end, it was all Spencer who got his revenge in the form of an impressive 120-78 win over Taf's "Unmolested" crew.  DOL Bowl IV saw Bob Lowe's "Tom Brady Bunch" reach the finals in his first year but the old blood and killer instinct of the legendary Spencer was too much to handle and Will earned his 3rd Championship in 4 years, cementing his "Dynasty."

In his first year back in the league, Creel took home the Best Team Name Award with "The BuTT PiRaTeS".....and it almost goes without saying that Jim Waters won his second straight Worst Team Name Award with "turtling".

2006 saw the end of an era. As it would be the last season in the league for Buddy and Brad Hinote, it would also be the end of the league on the "Yahoo" platform and the final season with Will Spencer as League Manager. In his final farewell speech to the masses, Spencer issued this statement via the message boards, not knowing it would indeed be the last time he would address the league as their League Manager...

"I must say that this has been one of the best seasons of fantasy football that I have ever been in. Nobody has clinched a playoff spot and we are in the last week of the regular season. It all comes down to the last week, it looks like Unmolested will clinch a spot after this week, but there are still three spots available. The Naked Bootlegs please put your players back in so Turtling won't go on the trophy. Good luck for this last and crucial week of the regular season."

2006 marked the end of the "reign of Spencer" as the Dynasty came to an end....a feet of league history that may never again be repeated, Spencer posted a 37-9-1 record from 2003-2006 with 3 championships.


2006: (Yahoo)
League Name: Hot Route! Hot Route!
1. Bingville Bulls- Will Spencer (9-4-1)
2. The Tom Brady Bunch- Bob Lowe (9-5)
3. turtling- Jim Waters (10-4)
4. Shake N Bake- Taf Bentley (10-4)
5. ThE BuTT PiRaTeS- Jonathan Creel (9-5)
6. Whiskers- Troy Jordan (5-8-1)
7. The Administrators- Buddy Hinote (6-7-1)
8. Rumplestilskins- Jacob Jordan (5-9)
9. The Old Prospectors- Brad Hinote (4-9-1)
10. ThE NaKeD BooTLegZ- Bryan Hathaway (1-13)

(Regular Season Only)
Most Points Scored: 141 - turtling - Week 12 vs The Administrators
Least Points Scored: 27 - The Administrators - Week 11 vs Unmolested.
Most Total Points Scored: 1428 - Bingville Bulls
Least Total Points Scored: 805 - ThE NaKeD BooTLegZ