The 2004 season saw the beginning of what we know now as the modern era. Using Yahoo as the medium of choice, the three founding fathers (Bryan, Jacob, Will) were joined by five others for a league of eight. Will Spencer took the reigns from Jacob as League Manager, giving the league the name of "The Crew". (Which, considering Will's reputation for naming things isn't really all that bad, trust me, it will get worse as the years go by). Bobby Leonard, Ryan Wolfe, Brian and Troy Jordan (co-managers), Brad Hinote and Jonathan Creel all joined "The Crew" for year 2, but as you can see today, many of those names wouldn't stand the test of time.

2004 also marked the first year of the online draft, which saw Brad Hinote take Kansas City Chief, Priest Holmes with the #1 pick. Side Note* Hinote didn't even make the playoffs. in fact, despite the first pick, Hinote started the season off 0-6 and couldn't fight back enough to make the playoffs, but did end up winning the consolation bracket.

Will took home his second "official crown"  after barely sliding by Brian and Troy Jordan in the first round of the playoffs 98-94, then dominating Bobby Leonard in the championship game 153-87.

Although the season awards we know today, did not get started up until 2007, awards were given for each year the league was created, beginning with 2004. Brian and Troy Jordan won the Andre Kristacovitchlalinski Jr Best Team Name Award for "Old Crutenheimlicks", while Brad Hinote's "Jake Ain't Beatin Me" won the Jim Waters Worst Team Name Award. Two of the Three founding fathers went opposite directions this year as Will Spencer the most points scored in the season, while Jacob Jordan won the Shem at the Prom Award for the least amount of points scored in a single season.*Side note Bryan Hathaway finished dead last for his second straight year. *See our Awards section for more details.

The season was pretty straight forward with not much bells and whistles, but it had characteristics and was the bone structure for what we have today.


2004: (Yahoo)
League Name: The Crew
1. West Canaan- Will Spencer (10-4)
2. Da Bears- Bobby Leonard (9-5)
3. Rocket's Rocks- Ryan Wolfe (8-6)
4. Old Crutenheimlicks- Brian and Troy Jordan (8-6)
5. Jake ain't beatin me- Brad Hinote (4-10)
6. The Railsplitters- Jacob Jordan (2-12)
7. JCmoney- Jonathan Creel (8-6)
8. The BrYaNaToRz- Bryan Hathaway (7-7)

(Regular Season Only)
Most Points Scored: 144 -West Canaan - Week 8 vs Da Bears
Least Points Scored: 43 - The Railsplitters - Week 11 vs Old Crutenheimlicks
Most Total Points Scored: 1362 - West Canaan
Least Total Points Scored: 1032 - The Railsplitters