The 2003 season is the one that started it all. Probably bred mostly from boredom, Bryan, Jacob and Will (The Founding Fathers) all jumped on board this crazy fad known as Fantasy Football. The only year that was not done on the computer, 2003 also marks the only year the draft has been held "live".

Using pieces of torn paper (pictured above) and a dry-erase board to make our picks in Jacob's game room, the league we have come to know today was born. There were no head-to-head matches, in fact it was all three of the members up against the other three, every week. That, coupled with the fact the members were actually trusting Jacob to manage this thing on a dry-erase board, would be why records for this season are VERY scarce. (I'm not so sure there wasn't cheating going on here, which is why Bryan probably came in last that year).


2003 has been voted on, petitioned and is definitely the most controversial of seasons as far as the record books go. Will's claim to the first ever league championship has been challenged time and time again. But, like the steroid era of baseball, it happened and you cant get rid of it.

This year wasn't your computer era of today... the scores each week might have well have been chiseled out in stone, but every great thing has to begin somewhere...and this, ladies, was the beginning of it all...


2003: (LIVE)
League Name: NONE
1. Will Spencer-Panthers(7)
2. Jacob Jordan- Indians (5)
3. Bryan Hathaway- Pirates (5)





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